Wallan Bowls Club


                                    The Beginnining – 24th September 1963


 The Wallan Bowling Club was first established on the 24th September 1963 in the original location in Bentnick Street, Wallan next to Hogans Hotel.

The establishment of the club was a huge step for the township of Wallan, considering the town had at the time one pub, two butchers, two garages, a cafe, a store and about fifty houses.

When you added  Wallan East, a mile away you could add another pub, a dozen homes and a railway workers camp.

Perce Forbes or “The Fox” was able to convince 37 potential members, including ladies to join and he also raised in donatations from local businesses 2,470 pounds.

Members of the community put  their blood, sweat and tears into laying the green on concrete, planting shrubs to keep the rabbits out and purchased mats, jacks, a mower, a hand pulled roller and hoses. At this stage they had a green ready to play on, but not yet a club house.

At this time the local C.F.A. had updated and expanded their facility and the Wallan Bowling Club members were successful in purchasing the C.F.A garage before it was demolished and it was quickly dismantled and transferred and reassembled at the Bowling Club site where it became the equipment shed and initial club rooms.

The first men’s pennant team was entered and often finding the 11th and 12th player for the team was difficult. Often a prospective bowler and subsequent bowler was given a quick coaching lesson on the green on saturday morning and played his first ever game of bowls in a game of pennant, in his own, or borrowed cricket whites that afternoon.

They would pray there would be no grass fires or accidents on the highway as the Secretary and Pennant Skipper was also the local Policeman.

 pictured in the photo on the original Wallan Bowling Green Site:

M McGeady, R Humpries, K Christie, O Monahan,R Eastburn and R Stockdale


In the first 15 years of the club being established there were four extentions made to the original clubhouse and the men agreed whole heartedly that their favourite extension was made to the bar.

The Wallan Bowling Club became incorporated in December 1983. Thw club felt this was a great achievement as this meant it released the members from any liability incurred.

The township of Wallan was expanding rapidly and it was decided that a second green was required. The current location was not suitable for a second green and the search went on for a new home for the club.

The current site at Greenhill Reserve was found to be the best option and, with support from the Kilmore Shire with the  land grant and financial assistance plus funds raised from the sale of the Bentnick property, the new site was  given the certificate of occupancy on the 14th of october 1988.

 During the 1988-1989 season the club combined its silver anniverary dinner and the official opening of the new clubhouse. The Pavilon was named the Allan F Ryan Pavilion.

In 1994 , following a donation from Bernard and Marjorie Laffan, construction commenced on the Laffan Green which is named after one of our founding members.

In 2005 the club entered the first steps into the next era with the men changing their club uniform to green and gold. In 2008 the ladies followed the men and also wore green and gold.

 In 2016 the club received a grant from the state goverment which will enable the club to put down a new synthetic green.